The reason to employ me as your proofreader is because I am able to appreciate the minute difference among various words in both languages: English and Chinese. This is because I have spent a lot of time on both languages. The proofreader whose native langauge is English will not be able to make sure the word you have chosen is the right word for your original intention and this is because he is not able to understand Chinese. I am able to do both.

The following is designed to show you that the importance of such kind skill in the process of proofreading for the purpose of trying to ensure that your true intention will be properly represented.

批评 criticise

批判 critcise severely, sometimes with malicious intention.

批斗 chastise (criticise severely) maliciously sometimes with violence involved.

公开批斗 public chastisement usually maliciously, sometimes with violence involved.


To argue for the sake of arguing, sometimes it is used to refer to the argument of minor issues.

The above example is designed to show you the importance of appreciating both languages in terms of the ability to master the minute nuance among various words, for the purpose of truely or authentically representing your correct intention in the target language. For the proofreaders who can not appreciate Chinese will not be able to help you ensure what you have written represents your true intention in the target language. Because your English is not good enough to complete such task. you will highly likely be unable to correctly represent your true intention.

However, I am able to do both, Therefore I have already been a master of both languages who is very competent to complete such kind of task.

The ability of appreciating the connotational significance of every word in addition to the interpretation of its literal meaning is very important in the process of completing this task.

The following is an additional example through which the importance of the ability to appreciate the minute difference of various words is emphasized:

Stubborn, Obstinate: 顽固不化
Staunch 坚决
Adament 坚定不移

As we can realise that, there are huge number of various vocabulary in both languages, some of them are considered to be similar but they are not exactly the same. Therefore, in order to make sure your correct intention would be rendered properly in the foreign language, someone who is considered to be the master of both of the languages should be employed for the purpose of proofreading and the result would be much better than employing someone who is the master of only one of the pair.

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