Important Notice

According to NZSTI regulation, full membership is restricted by language direction.

Therefore, when someone said he has NZSTI full membership. You should ask which direction , either English to Chinese or Chinese to English.

If someone who has English to Chinese only Full NZSTI membership, that means he does not have full membership in the translation from Chinese to English.

新西兰翻译协会的全会员资格是有方向性限制的 (从英文到中文, 或者从中文到英文)

如果某人说他有新西兰翻译协会的全会员资格, 你就要问他是何方向的.

如果他只有从英文到中文方向, 那么,从中文到英文 , 他就不是全会员.,




Please be careful!